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360 Degree LED Leak Lights

TM750    7" x 1/4"
Color: White / Orange
TM1200    12" x 3/8"
Color: White / Orange
TM2000    20" x 3/8"
Color: White / Orange
360 Degree White LED Leak Light
All 360 degree leak lights are available in kit form or as individual lights.
Kits include: Light, Power Supply, Switch, and 20" Extender Cord.
Individual Light is only the light. These lights are 100% compatable with legacy power supplies and switchs.

These lights are more robust due to the fact we removed the most problematic failing area. The wire fatiguing at point entering light.
- 360 degrees and full length illumination.
- No more thick stiff attached cord. Cord plugs directly into light. Directly from power supply or can use extender cables.
- Inexpensive replaceable extender cords rather than having to replace the complete LED light.
- Same power supply and switch can be used as old lights.
- Power supply, extender cables and switch are universal and will work with all lights.

Digital Leak Tester

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