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TM300 LED Piccolo Leak Light

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TM200 LED Flute/Saxophone Leak Light.

Introducing the new TM300 LED Piccolo Leak Light.  There is no other leak light like this in existence.  Developed by David Nicoletti of Thomas Music Inc. for the band instrument repair industry.

It finally exists.  A super bright LED illuminated leak light that has an outside diameter of only 1/4". WOW!!!
Specifically designed for piccolo repair but small enough to fit inside the Eb tone hole of a Baritone Saxophone.  No problem illuminating inside of the main stack.

Much like our 3/8" diameter leak light, this light uses state of the art LED semiconductor technology.  There is no more broken florescent light bulbs to worry about and no more high voltage inverters to deal with.  This piccolo leak light contains 60 super bright LEDs.  30 LEDs on each side.  It has a 7" illumination area and is only 1/4" in diameter.  It will fit into a piccolo and even bright enough to illuminate the inside of a larger instrument such as a saxophone.

This light is completely hand built including soldering.  The main cable is reinforced on the light and connector ends to ensure it is robust and durable.

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